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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 released!

Today, Microsoft released FIM2010! In a press release that can be found here, Microsoft outlines progress toward a safer, more trusted Internet. The evaluation download can be found here, while TAP and RDP customers can download a full version from Microsoft's connect website. The release was officialy announced today during the keynote that was delivered by Scott Charney at the RSA Conference. This effectively ends a period of many delays and frustration over these delays. I'm happy that we finally can move on and start implementing this promising product at our customers!

During the same keynote, Scott Charney also shared details about Microsoft's U-Prove technology, which it acquired from Credentica back in 2008:

U-Prove is an innovative cryptographic technology that enables the issuance and presentation of cryptographically protected claims in a manner that provides multi-party security: issuing organizations, users, and relying parties can protect themselves not just against outsider attacks but also against attacks originating from each other. At the same time, the U-Prove technology enables any desired degree of privacy (including authenticated anonymity and pseudonymity) without contravening multi-party security. These user-centric aspects make the U-Prove technology ideally suited to create the digital equivalent of paper-based credentials and the plastic cards in one's wallet.

 Further details and related downloads can be found here.

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