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Monday, April 12, 2010

The importance of user-friendly technology

In his newsletter, Dave Kearns repeated his old mantra "the technology is easy, it's the people that's hard." where technology stands for SSO, Self-Service Password Management, Multi-Factor Authn and whole lot of other technologies in the Identity realm.

I would go one further on this one. I think it is not so much the people that are hard (some people may be of course ;-) ). I would much rather say, "the technology is easy, mostly people are easy as well, most of the time technology is badly explained to people." Or even, us in IT seldom listen properly what people want. Which is usually a simple solution that most people could grasp in a couple of minutes and understand why they would want to use them and not the complex solutions most of us in IT come up with.

I couldn't agree more with those in the industry that go for simple solutions that people simply want to use!

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