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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Microsoft Belgium's Luc Van De Velde announces the Microsoft 1Pad at Techdays 2010 Belgium

In a surprise move, Microsoft Belgium's Luc Van De Velde announced the "Microsoft 1Pad" slate computer during the Belgian edition of the Microsoft Techdays 2010. And no, this is not an April fool's day joke: the keynote took place yesterday!

You can view yourself the video captured at the event. If you are the impatient type, you can fast forward to 3'30":

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What Luc is showing is an old 2003 Compaq TC1100 running Windows 7, running all of it's applications rather well, including the Google Kindle application, video and the like. Thanks again for showing once more that what Apple is doing, is not really very innovative: they are 7 years behind the competition ...

BTW, if you are looking for the 2003 CNET review of the device Luc is talking about, you can find it here.

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