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Friday, August 6, 2010

FIM 2010 SDK Available for download

Microsoft have just made available the FIM 2010 SDK documentation available for download as a separate .CHM files. You can find the download here. Three separate files are made available:
  • ForefrontIdentityManager2010SDK_FIMCertMgmt.chm
  • ForefrontIdentityManager2010SDK_FIMService.chm
  • ForefrontIdentityManager2010SDK_FIMSyncService.chm

The documentation provided is the same as the documentation you would find on MSDN, but is of course nice when you are working in your little lab that has no internet connectivity when you need it ...

As a sidenote - this means that you would be able to generate the CHM files yourself: there is a small tool available on Codeplex, called "Package This", that does exactly this. More info on PackageThis is available here.

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