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Monday, April 2, 2012

Active Directory in Windows 8

During the last Techdays in Belgium a couple of weeks ago, I presented on the new features in Windows Server 8 Active Directory Domain Services.

Topics covered in the presentation were:
  • How it is now easier to deploy AD DS using the new Server Manager features in Win8
  • Virtualization of Domain Controllers, including the new support for cloning DCs and the support for snapshotting DCs on compatible hypervisors
  • PowerShell and AD DS
  • The updated ADAC
  • AD-based activation
  • Dynamic Access Control
The recording can be found here. If you just want the presentation, you can watch it here:

The script I used to demostrate the new AD DS PowerShell features is available here. To use the demo script, you will need to retrieve (and update) the demoscript PowerShell module that is available on the Active Directory Powershell blog. If you make the script better or more interesting, let me know!

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