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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Belgian Community Day 2012

Today I had again the honor to be presenting at the 2012 edition of the Belgian Community Day, the now famous event at which the Belgian Microsoft community groups share their wisdom with the community at large. My presentation was about (some of) the new features of the Active Directory in Windows Server 2012.

This was also somehow a sad moment: my last presentation for winsec. And a great moment at the same time: my first presentation for More about that in later post. However, I can already reveal that IT-Talks and have joined forces in order to create Expect an announcement in this space in the coming weeks. Also, if you were following @winsecbe, you may want to update that to @wintalksbe, which I'll be using for future announcements.

As promised during today's presentation, you can find my slide deck here:

The script of the PowerShell demo I had planned, but didn't get to because of lack of time is here.

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