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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Data Leakage Prevention in your Microsoft infrastructure

Data Leakage is a real problem and sometimes a threat in today’s corporate environment. This is e.g. discussed in this year's Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (available here).

Yesterday, I had the honor to present a talk on the very subject. Scope of the presentation was to give insights on how to approach DLP with only Microsoft gear. It is indeed surprising how much is available from Microsoft - tools that are not necessarily costing you an arm and a leg - that allow you to go a long way a preventing data from leaving your enterprise, whether accidentally or on purpose.

Topics treated during my talk were
  • DLP project approach
  • Data Classification
  • Data Protection using Dynamic Access Control, AD RMS, Bitlocker To Go, and, EFS
If you're interesting in accessing a copy of the slide deck I used, head over to Skydrive:


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